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"Piccole Armonie - Handmade in Italy"

Selection of arts and crafts made by local companies. Each object is unique, similar but never identical to the others. Ceramics, home textiles, handbags, jewelry, furnishings, air fresheners and cosmetics…. All 100% handmade in Italy, mainly in the Tuscan countryside.


This particular product produces perfumes for homes, recreating the magical fragrance of the Tuscan countryside.


Collection of Amelieet Melanie. A range of fragrances for home and personal well-being, made with natural ingredients. Essential oils, soaps and eau de toilette.


"Jute & co"

They distribute carpets, rugs, wall hangings,jute bags and cotton in the European market.
The products are processed, woven and finished by hand using a very old traditional Indian method.



It produces and imports costume jewelry and fashion accessories directly from small artisans.


100% recycled aluminum hand made jewelry and fashion accessories.  Theever-changing styles and designs include bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings.  All the items are original, funny and strictly without nickel.

"Novità Home"

Their range includes furnishings, gifts and ceramics. They take into consideration the ever-changing tastes and lifestyles. The main aim of this company is to continually search for new items that it can offer its customers.

"La Porcellana bianca"

Since 1979 Porcelain, with its thousand shapes in strictly pure whitecolour, has beenable to portray a refined world where simplicity is of value and style.

"Luxe Lodge"

A Tuscan brand that designs and distributes furniture, lamps, ceramics, textiles and other items forthe home. The design is heavily influencedby Provencal charm however it also uses a combination of cultures and styles.

"Riccardo Marzi"

The transparency of the resin combined with the beauty that nature offers us. Riccardo Marzi has competed in the arduous task to accomplish everyday objects inventing this new art.

Since 1991 there is the Museum of Modern Art in New York with his "River stone bowl", one of the best sellers from the MoMA.

"Saponificio artigianale Fiorentino"

The Saponificio Artisan Fiorentino was born From Precise Will offer a product Made of culture and quality .
L ' enthusiasm , passion and creativity come together at a rigorous choice of valuable raw materials linked to the territory and to a careful Craftsmanship allow the Realization Of A Wide Range Of Items in Grado Responding to quality and price to the different needs of customers.


"Tessuto Artistico Umbro"

The art of
hand-loom still survives in the tradition of master weavers.
Precious fabrics made with jacquard loom and then finished by hand, to become later on, unique tablecloths, towels softness now unobtainable and fabrics for furnishings of superior quality. Pure linen, linen blends, cotton, hemp Attention to detail and exquisite design that arises out of fashion. Made to measure curtains to customize and enhance your home.

"L'arte di Nacchi"

The Art of Nacchi develops its activity since the 70s , specializing in the design and production of furniture and home accessories . The refined technique , the quality materials and the elegant decorations meticulously manicured to create beautiful objects and original . Every piece is made entirely by hand becoming a single work, a precious object to furnish their homes. Also a few years our company , after careful market research , has expanded its collection with objects from more parts of the world .


30 years of experience and creativity proposes its 3 brands of home collections:
LaVilla, Easy home and Ca 'real

"Cà Real" 

Selections of exquisite designs and luxurious fabrics. Products that make you rediscover the pleasure of living.

"La Villa"

The collections Lavilla propose an immersive and evocative suggestion. Traditional styles with ethnic and contemporary design . A range of coordinated items for every room of your house.


The continuous collection of solid colors, unbeatable for the quality / price ratio.

"La Gabbianella"

"Our aspiration is to touch the hearts of all through color, unusual shapes and surprising atmosphere."

The board of La Lucky is the table of pleasure, invention, is elegant, original and refined, designed to allow to blend colors and shapes so creativo.Grandi serving trays, bowls, plates, bowls and lots of original objects.

"Chianti Distribution"

Young company that originates from the typical artisan shops of the Tuscan tradition. Linen embroidered or printed graphics and newly designed. Customized production.


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